The greatest but most violent moments in cinema turned into animation drawings

My first article in Cultnoise Magazine! Enjoy it 🙂

It’s funny how we sometimes try to protect children from fictional movies classified as R-rated, preventing them from becoming violent or precocious in any way or form. By shielding them from watching movies that could hurt their feelings. Unfortunately, by doing so we keep them away from some of the greatest films of all time.

We swap stories of murder and bloodier parts for a much kinder approach, with euphemisms such as “he passed away”, while we cover their eyes, and we’d better not to talk about the steamy scenes. I even have a friend who recalled that when he was a little boy he felt uncomfortable watching Simba and Nala (yes, from The Lion King) rolling together in the jungle in front of his parents, in that Can you feel the love tonight moment.

Probably being aware of this, Josh Cooley, artist from Disney’s studios Pixar, turned some of the greatest (but most aggressive) moments of our cinema into animated drawings that would help us to show kids how great our favorite film is. The GodfatherPsychoA Clockwork Orange, Goodfellas,Fight Club or Pulp Fiction are just some of the twenty five classics converted to amusing illustrations suitable for all audiences. The designer has gathered all the pictures in the book “Movies R fun”, available on Amazon.


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