Munich (III): Englischer Garten

In October I went back to Munich where I spent almost a week. By this time, I’ already knew the city so it was a less touristic stay, dedicated to walks, museums and, of course, food. My first morning there, we went to Englischer Garten. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I’ve already realized that, when the sun shines in Munich -never mind if it’s cold- German people get crazy and they all go out to search a ray of light. After a long walk through the park, we stopped near the river where the surfers usually go. I don’t know exactly how does it exactly work but there are tens of people waiting their turn to jump to the water and ride the wave. It’s so funny to watch them, they’re really good at it!

If you’re in Munich before november 9, don’t forget to visit the Museum Brandhorst and specially visit Richard Avedon’s exhibition about his work outside the fashion world. It’s a wonderful demonstration of the American daily life and you will also find some great images of the Beat Generation and other literary authors. As far as I’ve seen, Munich is a real good place for culture, as the entrance to the Museums its quite economic for everybody.

I will also recommend you to have lunch in one of the snack bars and restaurant you will find near Museum, over Türkenstraße and Theresienstraße, as Ladem (Türkenstraße, 37) where I can promise I’ve tasted one of the best apple crumble and carrot cake ever. Besides the desserts, we’ve ordered their soups, scrambled eggs and bolognese spaghetti and they were all simply delicious. The place is quite, cool and low-cost.

I will be back in Munich really soon so I hope I can give you some nice new advices. Enjoy the pictures!












































Author: mdiazvalderrama

Journalist / Reporter / Periodista

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